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L'Atelier du Sel -Sel de Guérande - Producteurs-Récoltants

Our environment

To preserve the Mes Bassin Ecosystem

The salt Marsh is a fragile and delicate environnment, a living organism, we are very much aware of this. As messengers of salt, intermediaries between salt deposited in the salt marsh by the ocean and gourmet lovers on land. We not only take pride in working and protecting our surroundings from the Vasière to the oeillets but also taking care of the fauna and flora.

In this wet and tranquil land, we are not the first inhabitants. One needs to observe in order to harvest. From migratory birds like the elegant Avocette who lay eggs in the spring to the Canadian Goose ( Bernache) with its heavy coat in winter, a miriad of other species live and repoduce in the salt marsh. We are temporay custodians of this delicately balanced ecosystem.

Having realised that paying attention to detail is paramount and can be bountiful; We discovered :  that when the winds blow from the East during the summer harvest, it produces fine delicate Flower of Salt crsytals. But when the winds blow inland from the Ocean, the Flower of salt  crsytals are much bigger and crunchier. That is why we make a distinction between Eastern Wind Flower of Salt and Western Wind Flower of Salt. 

Solar Oven

As we are both engaged in reducing our carbon footprint, and imitating the carbon free process of harvesting Sea Salt. We developped a Solar Oven  in order to dry the salt without altering its trace elements or using fossil fuels. We are currently in the process of changing our packaging to reduce further our impact on the environment;

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A salt dried naturally

With these methods and commitments We “L' Atelier du Sel” participate actively in preserving the ecosystem of the Guérande bassin;