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L'Atelier du Sel -Sel de Guérande - Producteurs-Récoltants

Exceptional quality guerande salt

Salt, the Salt Marshes and the Guerande “White Gold”

The Guérande Sea Salt harvested by L’Atelier du Sel, under the Protected Geographical Indication and it’s Organic receipes, is reknowned in France and worldwide: Belgium, Canada, USA, Japan… It is for a reason…

Coarse Sea Salt, Fine Sea Salt, Flower of Salt, Aromatic Salts...

In order to go from the salt marsh to the salt shaker, we sift, calibrate and select only the purest salts before packaging them.

The Salt from L’Atelier du Sel can be found in many shapes and sizes, from the Court-Bouillon with big crystals to the Fine Dry Salt with delicately ground sea salt.
Curious ? Follow this link to the find out how we prepare our Fine Sea Salt.

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Ancestral Methods of harvesting Sea salt and Fleur de Sel .

Whatever the type of salt, it’s essence is always the same:  both Mineral and organic. I’ts origins and birth within the clay of the salt marsh provides’ it with shades of bluishgrey, flat white when harvested and white as snow once dried. We are always lost for words, at the marvels the salt harvest brings when we extract the salt from the crystaliser (oeillet). The smell of flowers on the wind, fresh organic clay, seaweed and brine from the Ocean. The purity of the salt crystals, their delicacy which we enjoy carressing as we would running a hand through tall grass, are the prize of years of patience, practice, learning and precision transmitted over generations.

Like a bridge linking two banks, after the hand harvest in the salt marsh we move on to the worshop, where the salt will be carefully sifted and selected on a simple but effective production line that we improved over time, to perfect our  precious salt harvest in the best way.

This is all done to harvest and produce the famous Guérande Sea Salt , used in all the great french restaurants, as well as abroad .

So don’t hesitate to come and visit us here, on our website or directly at our workshop !     

Kerhinet Farmers Market Summer, Village de Kerhinet, commune de St Lyphard. Du 2 Juillet au 10 Septembre chaque année de 9H à 17h 
Directly from us at our Workshop,
9 Impasse de Breniguen, 44350 Saint-Molf
Du Lundi au Vendredi 9h-12h et 14h- 17h